Software Engineer / Architect

Philadelphia, PA · Information Technology

  • Attractive salary range

  • Comprehensive Benefit and Retirement Programs. 

  • Relocation Assistance.

  • You will be on the ground floor (currently 16 employees).


My client is involved with robotics in the realm of aerial autonomy. Groundbreaking aerial robots require great engineering, and we’re looking for passionate and dedicated software engineers to be a part of our Philadelphia team. As an engineer, you will work within a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team to design, implement, test, and deploy critical elements of our software stack.  You will be responsible for 

  • Design and implementation of multi-robot software architectures, including execution, configuration, and communication between different software modules and libraries

  • Software modules that interface with customer systems and software

  • Deployment of our software to a diverse set of robots and operating systems

  • Software interfaces for simulators, sensors, and actuators

  • Utilities to monitor, log and summarize data from experiments

  • Continuous Integration, issue tracking, and software update procedures

  • In addition, there will be opportunities to support research and development, field testing, work with customers and investors, as well as mentor members of the team. 


Who Will Be a Great Fit?  

  • At least 3 years of experience using C++

  • Familiarity with relevant libraries and frameworks, such as Eigen, ROS, Qt, Boost, ASIO, STL, ZeroMQ, Protocol Buffers, OpenGL, CMake

  • Experience with standard development practices, including version control, testing, code checking, and code review