Job Boards don’t find great jobs, recruiters do!

Your partnership with us is built on confidentiality, ethics, and professionalism. Founder Brian Hughes has 22+ years experience in the staffing marketplace. Our experience, our reputation for quality, and our commitment to our candidates ensure we can find the perfect fit for you.

At the Great Bay Staffing Group, we are able to help you make solid connections and generate job leads. Through our deep network of contacts and resources across the nation, we can get you into doors that might otherwise remain closed. We offer hands-on support throughout the job hunting process, serving as an important resource to achieve your career goals. 

Brian is an extremely competent recruiter in helping individuals find employment. He worked with me to secure a position that was a great fit for my professional skills and experience, asking me core questions about myself and my desires for the type of position I was seeking. He is insightful, very current with today’s demands on getting and staying employed, and is prompt, courteous and very relaxed in his demeanor and conversation. I highly recommend his service to anyone seeking help in the job market. I even recommend him to those already employed, but who want to improve their career.
— job seeker in New Hampshire

As recruiters, we are skilled in our field and understand how to match an opportunity with the individual. We will contact you with current and future employment possibilities. If you choose to send us your resume, be advised we will not distribute it outside our firm without your permission. 

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