Job Applicant Management, now it is possible for you to promptly engage the best candidates for your open positions through our straightforward and effortless method of screening job applications. And we do it at a surprisingly low cost.


What is Recruitment Short Listing?

Short listing job applications is the time consuming process of collecting, evaluating, interacting and filtering through the dozens, sometimes hundreds of applications, phone calls and emails you will receive from one job posting.  Our service is the pain-free way for you to find quality candidates, and free up your time for other important things you need to do during your workday. We will evaluate the applicants and provide you with a list of only the most qualified candidates worthy of interviews.

 What if I want to hire more than one of the job applicants you deliver?

No problem, there is no added charge. Our fee is for our recruitment procedures and time spent to promote, interact and evaluate received candidates of your open positions. In addition, if you know you will be looking for similar staff in the future, you will already have a short list of candidates from which to get started.

I already run my own job postings, why do I need your short listing service?

The cost of our service is comparable to the cost of a job posting from the major job boards. So why not have a professional employment specialist act as your gatekeeper too?  We take on the task of managing the response of receiving all applications/resumes, accept all phone calls and respond to all emails to your job posting. Essentially, you want a short list of applicants to interview. We are a flexible partner on hand to free up your time. You will not be giving up control over your staffing process; we are here to complement it.

Where do my open positions get posted?

To name the most prevalent… LinkedIn, Facebook, Glassdoor, Indeed, JobInventory, JobNews, Juju, LogicMelon, Monster, Simplyhired,  The Muse, Trovit, Twitter, Wowjobs, BetterJobs, DataFrenzy,, OLX, Oodle, Yakaz, Resume Library, TheLadders. Almost all of these sources will also post out to their own networks which results in hundreds of locations for your job post. In addition, in our Talent Matchmaker service, we will conduct a thorough resume search on premium job boards.

How fast will I start receiving job applicants? 

Once you sign up for our service, we will launch a 30 day job marketing campaign for your open position. Once a week we “refresh” your job posting to keep it near the top of the search results and to ensure maximum exposure. Depending on the open position, most employers will receive a short list of candidates ready for interviewing after two weeks.