3 Ways to Leave a Positive + Lasting Impression on the Web

You may have heard that the simple things matter.

They do—especially when you’re searching for the right job.

How many of you out there have followed up after an interview by mailing a thank you note or simply typing off a grateful e-mail and hitting send, shuttling it off to individuals who have just had you in for an interview?

The same rules of interacting with people in the “real” world—well, they’re also important on the Web.

When you’re working with a recruiter, you may be wondering just what are the best ways to make a lasting impression. If you’re curious, keep these 3 tips in mind.

1. Every interaction counts.

Even if you never meet in-person, consider each interaction on the Internet as moments that mean something. Edit your emails a second (or third) time for corrections and ensure you’re being as clear as you can be. Just as when an interview starts the moment you walk into the office, take the same approach and serious considerations when business is all conducted over and through digital platforms.

2. Be you.

You’re looking to get hired as yourself, right? Be yourself. Don’t be on the lookout for a job for someone else. You’re working towards and for your own best interests. Don’t sacrifice your talents or your personality. Remain steadfast in what feels right and what feels appropriate for you.

3. Consider your presence on the Web.

What does your Facebook picture look like? What does your LinkedIn profile paint about your personality? Is your right foot forward on all your social media profiles? If you’re hoping to keep information private, make sure appropriate settings have been set.