3 Benefits of Bringing On a Physician Assistant

If you are looking to add value to your healthcare practice, bringing on a Physician Assistant can be an extremely valuable experience. Here’s why. 

1. Physician Assistants can help ease workflow.

Just like in team sports, you always want that person on your team who can play all of the positions well. PAs are like team players for healthcare practices. They’re flexible, they’re knowledgeable, and they can step up to the plate for complex cases when physicians are in high demand but in short supply.

PAs can see walk-in patients, urgent care cases, and complete routine visits for individuals who are battling diabetes or hypertension. Even in emergency departments, physician assistants can accommodate the stream of patients who either need trauma care or don’t.

2. PAs can help increase efficiency.

In a recent survey by the American Medical Association, the benefits of employing “non-physician practitioners” (NPP), solo practice physicians experienced higher rates of efficiency and better access to care for their patients.

3. PAs increase patient satisfaction.

Patients who are headed to see the doctor generally expect long waits. Why? Because when physicians are in short supply, wait times grow even longer. When you hire a PA, patient waiting times can dramatically decrease. PAs can also offer patients the care and attention they deserve. When they’re needed, PAs can help as patient health educators, nutritionists, and a coach in regards to smoking cessation. Plus, as practice schedules begin to open up, patients will be able to come in at more convenient times, a fact which is appreciated by everyone!