The Importance of a Firm Handshake...Online

What can you do to impress future employers if you can’t introduce yourself face-to-face?

A firm and confident handshake with a potential employer can speak volumes about your character, especially when you’re hoping to land the job of your dreams. But, in this day and age when so many job opportunities can be found online and through recruiters, how can you ensure that your character is coming across correctly when you’re only communicating through computers?

Follow these three tips to better your chances of coming across as a more confident, comfortable, and pforessional you.

1. Don’t assume familiarity.

When connecting with professionals online, use a formal title instead of addressing individuals by their first name. For example, if you have a question about the possibility of remote work with this open position you’ve found, try reaching out to “Mrs. Yeager” instead of “Theresa.”

2. Check. Then, double check.

Editing your work more than you normally would is paramount. Since the words you send along (in resume, email, or cover letter format) are painting a picture of your character and work ethic, ensure your work is showing your true colors.

3. Follow the rules.

Sending a .docx when the job application required a PDF may not make or break your job offer, but you don’t need to be tripping up your future employer with any unnecessary steps on their end. Attending to their requirements shows that you not only value their time, but that you also can follow the rules.

Written by Brian Hughes