The 3 Things Job Seekers are Demanding for 2018

Finding a job is one thing, but finding one you love is completely different and, usually, much more difficult. In fact, in a 2017 Gallup study more than half of the American workforce admitted to being completely disengaged at work, which means that, among other things, they really (really) dislike being there.

Why so many people?

Most people, and not just in America, that don’t enjoy their job say that it’s because they don’t feel valued. A sense of purpose and an obvious appreciation for the work that gets done are nice thoughts, but what does that really look like in the office/hospital day-to-day?

New job seekers, either those looking to change their career or millennials looking for their first job, are interested in finding that out, demanding benefits and atmospheres that reflect the modern state most businesses are moving towards.

Among the most sought-after aspects, these three end up on the top of job seekers’ lists again and again:

1.     Flexible Schedule. The days of nine to five are officially ending, which is precisely why new employees are wanting jobs that get that. While they are willing to do the work, they want to be able to have some say in when that work gets done.

2.     Engaging Work Culture. “Culture” has been a hot buzz word for 2017, with every business magazine running some sort of feature about companies that are doing things differently in order to promote things like health, wellness, and creativity at the office. While it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what makes a great and engaging work culture, new job seekers are wanting to find offices that are fun to be in and that offer special perks, like coffee bars, yoga classes, and retreats.

3.     Ability to Work From Home. While not always possible depending on the type of job, when it is possible, employees want the option at least some of the time. Thanks to new technology, working remote or from home is easier than ever and younger employees especially want to leverage that. Home health workers can especially enjoy this option.

Written by Brian Hughes